Already found an item you need picked up and delivered?

Let ShipperTech handle the legwork!

How it works

1 – Provide the pick-up and delivery addresses

2 – Provide item information and the vehicle type necessary to transport the item

3 – A rep from ShipperTech will coordinate the pick-up and delivery of the item

4 – Pay the invoice

5 – Receive a confirmation with a picture of the driver and their vehicle

6 – Relax… we got this!

Drivers for Shippertech


Prior to being authorized to deliver for ShipperTech, each driver has:

  • Undergone a criminal history check

  • Had their driving record vetted

  • Had their vehicle inspected

All so you can be confident that your pick-up and delivery is in good hands!


Fees include a standard shipping fee:

  • $9 for a car
  • $12 for an SUV
  • $16 for a truck

Fees additionally include a 3.5% service fee (of the cost of the item, $5 minimum) and a mileage fee of $.90/mile

Why the tiered pricing? Large items which require a truck typically require more labor and care, so we charge a little extra to compensate our drivers.


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